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Hi Beloved, will you like to make some extra passive income? Why don’t you work with us?


Do You Know Exactly What Will Make Big Companies, Organizations, SMEs and Individuals: Bend Over To Write You a ₦500,000 Cheque As Their Web Consultant Even When You Don’t Have A University Degree or Know How To Build a Simple One Page Website !!!

Read This Letter To The End As I Revealed Every Thing You Need To Know About How To Start Receiving Those ₦500,000 Cheques In Few DAYS From Now…….. Even If All You Know, Is How To Check Your Email or Log-in to your Facebook Account or Check your WhatsApp.

Before we proceed,

Let’s first of all:

Hear what Some Of: Nigeria Web Solution Recent Registered Partners Said When I Showed Them What I am About To Show You.

Testimonial #1

Name: Hadi Amoto
Phone Number 07036188186

Location = Kogi State

Gender: male


"Yes without doubt i recommend Nigeria Web Solution “Web Development Consultant Business Partnership Registration” to any serious minded individual in the word who love passive & multiple incomes like I do. I can’t believe making real cool cash on monthly basis in web development industry, even when I can’t design a single page website at the beginning. This is like making free money from the internet.Now, i have done the Consultancy partnership with them and finally learn the skill from them. Right now,i can now develop any kind of website for any purpose.Am indeed a Millionaire in this Web Development industry. All thank's to Nigeria Web Solution. 

Testimonial #2

 Name: Adeyemi Gbolagage
Phone Number= 08063031299

Location = Oyo State

CEO – Ultimate SMS Nigeria

Gender: male

"My goal is to have a business career as a Web Consultant in addition to my internet marketing business. Like a dream, I hit my first big income target goal of ₦400, 000 In less than two months of registering as a partnership member of Nigeria Web Solution – Website Development consultant business. I only realize is true & reality when this income figure keep increase week by week , until I hit my first Million naira in web development industry with Nigeria Web Solution Partnership, tools, marketing tips, guilds etc

Kudu to you all at Nigeria Web Solution.

And to my Mentor, Coach and Admin of Nigeria Web Solution

Rejoice Chikamnele-Sir J     I said may your days be long."

Testimonial #3

Name: John Kelechi
Phone Number: 07065577928

Location = Abia State

CEO – Swift Delivery Bulk SMS Nigeria

Gender: male

"I am short of words! I am really happy and satisfied being a member of Nigeria Web Solution web development consultant business partnership team. I am already seeing myself as a proficient web consultant NOT just a developer! Am raking the cash already with good name & good reputation before the eyes of my clients. And Yes I recommend this membership registration to Anyone who loves making money like crazy because it is very resourceful!

Testimonial #4

Name: Chidiebere Nwankwo 
Phone Number: 08164413808

Location =  Abuja

CEO – Chidi’s Fashion & Food TV

Gender: Female

"O Yes, I would recommend Nigeria Web Solution Website Development Consultant Business Partnership by the admin Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J to any one, because it would help them acquire practical marketable and development skills for profit. Working with them is like working with the angels in heaven. Come and see money flowing in without I pressing any computer mouse. I have found the best life living I dream of, yes a life of freedom & millionaire status lady. Thanks to you all at Nigeria Web Solution in showing me the step & leading me into the path of my success in website design industry." 

Testimonial #5

Name: Maris Iwu
Phone Number: 08081432068

Location : Abuja

– Lawyer by profession & the Founder of Maris Supermarket Int Owerri Imo State & Abuja Head branch

Gender: Female

"I think many including you, who is on this website now might know me as a well reputation business importer in Nigeria (both online & offline) but to be honest with you I love multiple source of income especially the one that comes up without stress.

It all started like a story until is confirmed reality to me that someone can easily make millions of naira like magic online.  The admin of Nigeria Web Solution: Rejoice Chikamnele-Sir J , being the best giant internet business mentor, coach & leader in Nigeria I loves so much , brought the opportunity of The Nigeria Web Solution web development consultant biz partnership to me, as a woman who is born with the zeal of taking action when making money is involved. I grab the opportunity and registered. Got all necessary working tools, marketing tips etc and within my fist 6 months of membership I have already clock over 2Million naira using these strategies + their Service Before Payment Available Option To Clients. And to crown it all, I now make millions of naira monthly in website design industry even when am outside the country. Just keep pushing my business colleagues, friends, co-operate peoples and many more to Nigeria Web Solution. They listen to them, give them what they want in their online presence setup & pay me instant.
You guys at Nigeria Web Solution are great and talented. I liked and enjoyed working with you. I would definitely recommend this to you reading this now because you will learn web consulting business faster and this is an environment to learn more. With Nigeria Web Solution support selling your website development consultant services becomes so easy.

Dear Prospective Web Consultant,

Did you know that a record number of people are coming to the web to do business? People are turning to the web for increased profits and business building as the offline economy stumbles and falters, as politicians promise helpless, ineffective solutions, and as people become more desperate to get out of the financial desperation they have been plunged into because of the failing offline economy. 

Did you also know that more and more business owners are coming to realize that even though they are making big profits from their business, they are still leaving money on the table if they don’t have an online presence?

What Do These Powerful Trends Means For You.

Yes! You can make a huge passive income when you help Nigeria Web Solution secure Website Hosting Services | Website Development Services Of Any Kind For Any Purpose |  Website Re-design | Online Advertisement Services.

“Partners Team Needed Nation-wide| You Too Can Join Nigeria Web Solution www.NigerianWebsolution.Net  Website Development Partnership Team & Easily Generate A Minimum of 150,000 + Monthly Passive Income Without Touching A Computer Mouse,as long as as you can check your email address, login to Facebook and check your WhatsApp.

Simply letting your colleagues, friends, associate, clients & the world in General to know about how you can help offer them a professional unique WEBSITE for their Businesses (both online & offline ) | Churches| Schools | Office | Organization | Blog Website | Online Forum Website |  E-commerce Online Store Website etc

And using our Irresistible Option Of “Services Before Payment” As to ensure the safety of your clients money, I tell you. You are sure of destroying poverty in your generation.

Just by becoming our partner & Reaching out millions of people who needs this service. 

For sure! Every single serious minded Business owner and the world in a large need an online presence now! Remember the world is already in a Global Village)

Sometimes at the beginning of my consulting career, a mentor said these words to me - 'Money is always flowing SOMEWHERE in an economy – you just figure out where the money is flowing, then go and put your bucket down in front of the flow. Do that and you’ll ALWAYS have a successful business?’ Or to put it another way, figure out what the market wants, and then give it to them.

Oh forgive my manners,


My name is: Rejoice Chikamnele-Sir J, [ the C.E.O & Admin of :Recharge and Earn Income [ for all Nigerians ] Recharge Mobile Store Nigerian  | Nigeria  Web Solution  | Web Hub Solution International | First Class BulkSMS | Passive Income Job BLOG and Many Host of Others.  I “Sir.Rejoice” , have been running Internet based businesses and I have been teaching other people how to do it as well. Thankfully, many of them now make steady income from the Internet just because they decided to listen to me and to practice what I taught them.

{ Rejoice Chikamnele – SIR J } - Is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful online businesses hitting Millions-in-naira sales mark from the scratch without any special funding, direct response marketing consultant. A young man who embraced the Opportunity of Internet Business at a Tender Age of life… A Successful Advanced TELE-Com Dealer in Nigeria | A Giant Digital and Mobile Marketer| Information Marketing King | Website Designer | Web master consultant giant| An online importer | An Investor & A Self made young millionaire.

Today, thousands of people on the internet know me And I have made thousands of happy students, Users & clients , Subscribers & Fans…who uses my products & services to solve their daily life problems …. Right now, all you have to do is sit down, relax and read all the content on this website. I bet in time you’ll look back and be grateful to God you took the right step. I assure you, you’ve come to the right place and you will never be disappointed! “The Honest TRUTH Is That The Road Was Never Easy For This Young Man At Starting: But Ignoring All Discouragement To Believe To Myself & God. Hardworking & Persistence Kept Me Moving:Hey beloved, a have a lot to tell you about me, which I know this page can’t contain: BUT FOR NOW I THINK THIS IS ENOUGH TO SAY…

Has Internet Presences Via: Recharge And Earn INCOME [ for all Nigerians ]=> RechargeAndEarnIncome.Com | Recharge Mobile Store Nigerian Via => RechargeMobileStore.Com | Nigeria Web Solution  |Via => NigeriaWebSolution.Net | First Class Bulk SMS | Via => FirsClassBulkSMS.Com | Web Hub Solution International |Via => WebHubSolution.Com | Passive Income Job BLO |Via => PassiveIncomeJob.Com  | Many Host Of Others |….

… with few seconds search of my name, on Google [ Rejoice Chikamnele ] this will give you many more reasons to listen to me, if only you desire success in your life breakthrough.

Since 2011. this Young man have been an Entrepreneur in Nigeria, selling many products and services on internet to Thousands if not Millions of Users, Clients and Customers in different business Niche. am ever proud to tell you that no single person can say anything negative about me and my company… [ Be it on: Google, Facebook, Nairaland, etc..] Not that we don’t fail in some areas.. But we work day and night with all honesty to keep The Good name and Reputation moving… Believe me it worth more than Raw Cash in your bank account…. anyway, lets go deep to the main issue HERE:

Over these years of consulting practice, I have discovered one thing - IT and Web Consulting is needed and practiced in EVERY industry globally. And from the day I made this discovery, all I do is put my bucket down in front of the money flow to take my own share of the cash. 

 And as a smart person, you should do the same too...

You see, Web Consulting Business is the business of helping individual or independent entrepreneurs, small businesses and large companies by providing elite web and internet services such as design, development, advertisement and support services for corporate and e-commerce Web sites. As a Web Consultant you specialize in helping businesses to develop their internet marketing strategy from business plan development to campaign deployment.

As a web consultant you are equipped with expertise in online marketing, and sometimes most individual entrepreneurs and small business owners would hire you to do everything – from website design to making online sales. As a web consultant you can provide a wide variety of services to businesses, from designing a web page to maintaining the activity that is generated by the site. And you stand to be paid "A Service Maintenance Fee" every month by those companies, businesses etc...

As a web consultant you can also direct paid web advertising programs by selling the space and tracking its effectiveness. Generally when a company hires you, you'll be available for ongoing service such as updating, correcting errors and changing contact information on their websites when appropriate.

In a Nut Shell, I Hereby List Out Your:
 Earning Potential As A Giant Web Consultant?
+ What You Shall Stand To Get From Us to enable 
YOU kick of Business ASAP..

 You will Get A 100% Total FREE Website Domain Name | Hostingand Development For Your Web Consultant Promotion Business.You Will Get A Well Craft and Professionally written Website Development Consultant Business proposal Letters which you can give to any : Politician,.. Political party, Church, School, Organization, Business, Supermarket ,Boutique, Companies ETC and get them hand you over instant contract payment Cheque without objections…All you need do is erasing our name, Insert your own name and YOU ARE READY TO GO.

You will Get A Total FREE [ Nigeria Web Solution ] Branded 
T-shit... As one of your Working Tool.

You will Get A Done For YOU Complimentary Card Which will be sent to your E-mail Address, to enable you do your own Com-card
 [ for your smooth running of business ]

  This ONE IS HOT ... NOT ONLY WILL I SETUP: A Hot Legitimate Paying Web Development Consultant Business For YOU but I Will Also OFFER YOU  "FULL ONE Year Mentorship Guild + My Marketing Traffic By Command Training Courses [ for your Income COMMAND Marketing Tools.} all to enable you attract Paying Customers and Clients like sugar to ant..
You get contracts to: Build, Develop and Maintain 

 the corporate websites of both Small and large organizations | Business | Companies | Schools | Churches | All Religious bodies

  and Industries. Note: aside from the front contract fee they pay you. You will still be paid a monthly service fee for their web-development maintenance. As, people maintain their cars, so they maintain their online presence office... It never stop there oooo. You are still paid for a Hosting Renewal fee every year by year. Yes oooo. They MUST Pay house Rent to YOU.... Or do you think a Business man who spent up to 100k+ to develop his website and Spend huge money on Advertising the Website... will let his/her website to be deleted Just because of a mere 15-20k Yearly Renewal Fee... No na, It's Impossible....

 [ Relax, you never see anything yet ]

 You can help independent small time business owners who are just starting their business to build a simple website. 

You can help Business Owners, Companies, Organization and Individuals to get a 100% Professional working LIVE CHART integration as part of Services we Offer =>  into their Existing and Upcoming Websites...for easy customers communication on their website, which leads to more sales for them. "eg" Like the one we have on our website HERE.

 You can help Business Owners, Companies, Organization and Individuals to Have their own USSD Code, Toll Free and Non Toll Free Line for more effective running of their business and companies .As part of the services we offer.
 You can help a company or small business owner to integrate E-mail Marketing/ Mobile /SMS marketing into their Website | Blog Or Online STORE.

   You help large companies, small business owners and new business starters to maintain and update their websites.

  You get contracts to GUILD company employees on Email Marketing & mobile marketing strategies - this is big business and profits for you.

  You can position your web consulting services to attract service fees that range from one-time website creation charges to ongoing retainer fees or hourly consultation rates. 

  As a Web consultant you can position yourself as a marketing specialist as well. You can position yourself as well-versed in what draws customers to a site and what will keep them there to conduct business with a company. You may even work together with a companies' marketing team, partner with another full-service ad consultancy or design complete campaigns for a business...gosh I hope you can see the same cash inflow possibilities I am seeing as I show you what you can do as a Web Consultant.

 And the Good news is, you do not need a University degree to become a web consultant! Many of the people who build website for large corporate organizations and even your place of your work, do not have a University degree  and many don’t even know how to check their email in the internet not to talk of knowing how to design one page of website and they are making huge sums of money for just for being a website design consultant by partnering with big website design companies out there like Nigeria Web Solution !

   For building and maintaining just ONE website, you can charge up to N500, 000 - yes, five hundred thousand Naira! Imagine if you have just One website design or web consulting job per week, let's calculate how much you can make together:

1 Web Consulting Job * 1 week = ₦500,000

2 Web Consulting Jobs * 1 week = ₦1,000,000

3 Web consulting Jobs * 1 week = ₦1,500,000

Your potentials are limitless, okay, let's even say you don't want to be greedy, you are a beginner and you want to price low to get many more clients, and say you just want to charge N50,000 per contract job you get, let's do the maths together

1 Web Consulting Job * 1 week = N50,000

2 Web Consulting Jobs * 1 week = ₦100,000

3 Web consulting Jobs * 1 week = ₦150,000

Are you wondering in disbelief about the possibility of earning such huge amounts of money 

without a university degree? Hear this

In case you don’t know it yet, many Nigerian companies are going online and they have budgeted billions of naira to put their business online. 

 The Trouble For Them Is…

They find it extremely hard to locate people who can help them move their businesses to the internet!

They are desperately searching for such people and they are willing to throw huge sums of money at them. All you need to do is position yourself right in front of them, tell them what you can do to help them and they will bend over and write you that cheque.

Also, because of the failing economy many people are turning to internet based businesses including, Internet Marketing Business, Telecommunication Dealer Business. Mobile Marketing Business, Affiliate Marketing Business,Information Marketing Business, Online Importation Business, Crypto-currency business. Now all these new people flooding the internet need nice looking websites...
                                         And that’s where you come in.

Powerful Marketing Tools Irresistible BONUSES Available  For The First 50 Partners That will Grab This Offer Now….. from today –to-the-next 5days Only. 

You Can’t Believe I Even Added This Up!

The Powerful Marketing Tools Irresistible BONUSES of the

 “Traffic By Command System”

Yes !!! This Added Bonus Offer Is Currently Hot Selling for A Discount Price of  N7, 000  On It’s Sales Page Website  ….

Do You Have Any Doubt?

FOR Proof: VISIT   ==> But You Can’t Believe Am Giving It Out to YOU just like that, at a TOTAL FREE COST.

Using this Great Tools to run your Web Development

Consultant Business will be the thing of joy , because

attracting Paying Clients and Customers to You will now

becomes like gathering sugar for Ant.

Because right now, that’s what this Training Materials will  focuses on and teaches very well.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn In 6 Modules 
Of The Traffic By Command System Blueprint…

Here is just a sample Over High quality I want to DASH yo

Module One

The Nigeria Web Solution Website Development
Consultant Irresistible Proposal Letters
Categorized to all Clients & First Class Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Proposal Letters: As Your Working Tools. I sell each proposal at N5k but even if i decide to sell each at N3, 000(N3,000 x 7= N21, 000).+ 7 Sets on the Web Consultant Business Proposal Letters… Total = Worth = N40,000 A Well Craft professionally written Website Development Consultant Business proposal Letters which you can give to any : Political party, Church, School, Organization, Business, Supermarket ,Boutique, Companies ETC and get them hand you over instant contract payment Cheque without objections…All you need do is erasing our name, Insert your own name and YOU ARE READY TO GO
Module Two

Setting Up Email Sales Funnel  Autoresponders
Account With And GetResponse.Com
(2-Part Video Training)

In this module, you will learn...
  • How to set up your first Email marketing autoresponder using AWeber.Com and
  • Or if you already have an autoresponder account,
  • Why you should use or GetResponse.Com as your autoresponder service rather than any other.
  • How to easily set-up a campaign in AWeber.
  • How to queue up your messages so that it acts like an automatic personal assistant and go out on exact days and at exact times you want to go out. This will give you lots of free time to enjoy the money you make .
  • How to automatically segment your lists,so you can make more money.
  • YOUR LIST IS YOUR ASSET! How to back up your list so you can have access to them ALWAYS even AWeber crashes and dies tomorrow.
  • And much more.

Module 3

Advertising on : Nairaland.Com Forum | Google S.E.O [ search engine optimization | and Bing Network
(3-Parts Video Training)

This is a set of 3 separate videos teaching you exactly how to do the following.

You’ll learn...

. How to setup a targeted Advert on Nairaland.Com forum | How to rank your business products and services keyword on first page of Google search...through SEO [ search engine optimization ]

. How to set up a Bing account as a Nigerian
  • How to do effective keyword research to locate hidden keywords Nigerians are typing into the search engines
  • How to set up your first advert Campaign, Adgroups, and ads.
  • How to maximize your advert click through rate
  • How to automating your Bing Ads so that it appears on the first 2 search results on
  • How to set up your ads so that only people living in Nigerian see your ads

You’ll also learn how to get the exact keywords you will place in your campaign so when people type in these keywords into the search engines, your advert on the Bing network appears.

Module 4

Facebook Advertising

Module 3A
6 Part Video Training On
Effective FB Advertising

Module 3B
8-Part Advanced Facebook
Video Advertising Training

In this module you’ll learn how to:
  • Ensure your adverts on Facebook are approved every single time you place them. (99% of Nigerian internet marketers who try to advertise on Facebook have their ads disallowed, leading to frustration)
  • How to write compelling adverts that get attention, clicks and sales.
  • How to laser-target your audience using various criteria like age, sex, marital status, interests, education, etc. You’ll be as accurate as a US bomb-missile targeting terrorists in Afghanistan.
  • Where to get attention-grabbing images and pictures that make people, notice, stop and click on your adverts.
  • How to create a fan page that attracts lots of rabid fans
  • Show you how to bid on Facebook so you pay the least amount. 
  • What the New Power Editor is, and how to use it.
  • What the New Ad Manager is and how to use it
  • How to create conversion tracking pixels and upload it online.
  • What a newsfeed advert is and how to create one
  • How to create a custom audience and what a custom audience is
  • Learn the exact steps to create look-alike audiences and how to target them directly.
  • How to use the Facebook Audience Insights tool to target a particular group, and create a buying frenzy.
  • How to use interests and behaviours on Facebook to target your audience effectively.
  • How to use the new Facebook videos to get tens of thousands of views per day while paying as little as $10 per day.
  • How and where to get videos to use for Facebook advertising.
  • How to set up a Facebook advert and get it approved in less than 2 hours.
  • How to choose a video Thumbnail less than 20% text for immediate Facebook approval.
  • How to create a custom audience for video views
  • How to set up video ads for building and email list of subscribers fast.
  • How to increase your video list building efforts by 300%
  • And so many more...

Module 5

The Traffic Control Blueprint ..Step-By-Step Course ( Video Courses + its Pdf Version)

This Video course and its PDF guide outlines the core concept on how to  generate free and paid traffic using powerful traffic networks. It includes tools of the trade and how to control and monetize every single person that come into your marketing sales funnel.

Module 6

Creating A Squeeze Page, Salespage and Download Page With FrontPage [ FOR your effective Marketing ]
(1-Part Video Training)

In this module you’ll learn...
  • How to set up a professional looking sales funnel in as little as 60 minutes using FrontPage.
  • The one shortcut that will save you =N=30,000 to =N=150,000 in website design fees. This is money you keep in your pocket rather than give it to somebody else.
  • How to get the FrontPage software that will enable you create this “magic” without spending a single kobo!
  • And much more...

Module 7

Integrating Your Squeeze Page And Autoresponder With Your Websites “Thank You Pages”- and How TO Easily Upload Them To The Internet
(2-Part Video Training)

This module is a two-part video training course, you’ll learn...
  • How to link your website squeeze page, your salespage and your product delivery pages in less than 10 minutes.
  • 2 easy ways to upload your websites to your web hosting server in as little as another 10 minutes. You also get the software that allows you to do this absolutely FREE.
  • How to make all of your websites pages “talk to each other”. (This is ABSOLUTELY critical otherwise your websites will get broken costing you hundreds of thousands, even millions of naira in sales)
  • How to easily edit your website anytime you want. (It’s so easy even a 13-year old secondary school can do it).
  • And so much more

In all,  The Web Consultant Partnership Registration + the SECRET OFFER of my Library TRAFFIC BY COMMAND SYSTEM BLUEPRINT  , you’re getting 26 videos (10 – 30 minutes for each),  and  a 70 page PDF with detailed traffic secrets.

Why Am I Giving You All These Bonuses?


Because I want you to get IMMEDIATE RESULTS & A Faster Testimony from YOU.... Yes! Nothing ever sweet me than getting thousands of Testimonies from my lovely clients who uses my products & services....  I’m going to let you have all of them for FREE, and still mentor you until you become a GIANT...

HOW To Join Us Now.

So how much should I ask you to invest for this?

What do you think is fair?

Before you answer though,

Consider The Fact That…

This is THE proven system that is ever ready to kill poverty from your generation because, people setting up their businesses  internet online presence will never stop or die.

When you consider these points, charging =N=100,000 naira would be a fair price.

But I Won’t Charge You Anything Near That Amount!

Not =N=50,000.

Not =N=30,000.
Not =N= 25,000 

(which quite frankly I think is more than fair)

Today you’ll get.  the COMPLETE 

Registration to Join: Nigeria Web Solution Partnership < for Web Development

Business + The Secret Of Of My Library  “Traffic  By Command Control System Blueprint

training for just…

One Easy Payment Of N95,000, N50,000, N35,OOO  N30,000, N25,000

Today Price : 19,000

(Limited Time Offer )

Yes….Today Price =  ₦19,000 only…)

(Limited Time Offer )

And to even go further and show you that I am willing to stand by my claims, here’s… My 100% NO-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If you go ahead and invest in this " Web Development Consultant Business as a Member of Nigeria Web Solution.......+ My Secret OFFER of My TRAFFIC BY Command System Blueprint  and follow all my mentor-ship guild: Listening Using THE tools + Doing all the daily assignment/marketing task i will be sending to you ...”  AND within today you are placing this order.. to the next 30 days, you have not made a profit of at least N50,000 MINIMUM... then simply send me an email to ( OR Ring me on = 08032439765, 09046859419 )  and I’ll transfer a full refund of your =₦19,000 Registration fee.
Not only will I refund your FULL Registration Fee of N19,000, 

I Will Double It!

Or Do You Doubt Me, Or You Think This Is Just A Market Strategies...

Hi beloved,

pls rethink immediately for Rejoice does not have time for that... 

 ==>Alright You Can Click Here To Send Me A Friend Request Via FACEBOOK.COM as to find out more about me...

Nobody else teaching internet marketing is making this sort of guarantee, so why I am making it?

It’s because I want you to have total confidence. Confidence that I will deliver everything I have promised in my guarantee.

You will double your Registration fee , over and over and over again and again and again....or I will pay you back every single kobo you invest , plus an extra =N=19,000 as a penalty for failing you.

But You MUST Act Today + Implement What I Shall OFFER You Into ACTION NOW Otherwise…

Here’s why.

I will be providing personal ONLINE mentoring as part of the bonuses. It’s the best bonus out of them all.

But I am only one human being. I cannot clone myself. I can only do the online mentoring and personal coaching for only a few partners.

So as an added reward, I will only do it for those who take action and invest early. You need to act now if you want to lock in this low price of =N=19,000 and get all the bonuses, plus the personal coaching directly from me..  Rejoice Chikamnele - SirJ  [ the digital traffic giant ].

Don’t waste time. You have none. The earlier you invest in on this and change your life career the better for you, because then you will be sure of getting EVERYTHING.


How To Make 85,000+ Weekly ( With Our Web Development Consultant Biz Partnership Commission)

Our web design fee start from ₦50,000 +.

You receive 50% per web design customer that you bring.
Which is cool 25,000

So 3 Web Design jobs at ₦25,000 PROFIT each = (₦75,000) 

1 Web Design job at (₦50,000) = you earn ₦25,000 per each client.

1 Co-operate Web Development job at (₦150,000- 300,000) 
You Earn A profit of: ₦75,000 -to-₦150,000 cool profit  
 per each client.

You receive your money directly into your Bank Account you registered with us within 24hrs after confirming your client payment into our Registered Company Co-operate Bank Account given to him or her.


Hello ooooooo. Your Transaction Is In Process !!!
How To Make Another N27, 200+ Weekly 
(On Web Hosting Partnership Commission)

Basic Web hosting Plan (2 clients )=  ₦6,000 x 40% = ₦2,400
Standard Web hosting Plan (2 clients ) = ₦12,000 x 40% = ₦4,800
Business Web hosting Plan (2 clients ) = ₦20,000 x 40% = ₦8,000
Professional Web Hosting Plan [ 2 clients ] = ₦30,000 x 40% =₦12,000

In total you have made a total of  ₦27,200. 
You only need 1 single client to make at least 
a minimum of ₦10,000+ weekly. 

This is just a conservative figure. 
You can make more than that.  Minimum payout is ₦2, 000

You receive your money directly into your 
Bank Account you registered with us 
within 24hrs after confirming your client payment 
into our Registered Company Co-operate Bank Account
 given to him or her.


Hello ooooooo. Your Transaction Is In Process !!!
How To Make Another ₦50, 000+ Weekly (On Online Advertisement Services | WEB TRAFFIC GENERATING SERVICE & Marketing)

Receive 50% of fee on any cost price of our online advertising products & services.


Hello ooooooo. Your Transaction Is In Process !!!

How To Make Another At Least 100,000+ Monthly. [ From Clients Renewal Annually Payment Fee drooping in Monthly ] 
For example... If a client Host/Develop his or her website
 in Jan this year, by Jan next year
 he or she pay a minimum of 14,000 Renewal Fee 
to the Company account. As the Company Sec send 
Notification to them ahead of time... Good news ,
 instantly he or she pays : 
You will be 50% Commission Into You Account Asap. 
Use this to calculate the No of clients you will
 have and forever the pay you house rent as long 
as God gave YOU and I life...

How To get Started Now
  1. Your client orders a webhosting | Web design | Or Any of the Online Advert package.
  1. You receive your money directly into your Bank Account you registered with us within 24hrs after confirming your client payment into our Registered Company Co-operate Bank Account given to him or her

Hurry Now to Send an Email Message to: Rejoice Chikamnele-Sir J 
 the Admin of Nigeria Web Solution:  Private Mail at 

 ( )


SMS to him on (08032439765, 09046859419 ]

Email OR SMS Subject as= 

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United Bank For Africa

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